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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 15, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in half an hour for the news at 6:00. >> bye-bye. tonight, multiple shark attacks along the coast and the new sightings now. two children in separate attacks minutes apart, both of them losing arms. three attacks now in just a week. shark spotters now armed with rifles, and we fly overhead tonight, families still in the water. also breaking, the plane on the tarmac, the cdc rushing in. a dozen passengers getting sick on the same flight. the tropical system barreling toward the coast tonight and the storm from texas to pennsylvania. flash flood watches in new york. it's official, jeb bush is in and taking aim at hillary clinton. and mrs. clinton talking about age and breaking a barrier. and the resignation, the naacp leader who allegedly claimed she was black.
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her siblings now speaking outtonight. they say she's white. good evening, and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night, and we begin with the shark attacks in north carolina. one beach, two attacks, 90 minutes apart, and authorities say this hasn't happened in decades. the first 911 call at 4:12 p.m. sunday afternoon. an hour and a half later, a second victim two miles down the beach, and all of it coming just days after another shark attack 30 miles away. tonight here you will hear those 911 calls as we get late word on the victims, the 12-year-old girl seen there, people trying to help her face down on the beach. one woman looking on in horror and the other victim, a 16-year-old boy, each attacked in shallow water. and look at this, an image taken from the water's edge. that's a fin there, and abc's matt gutman leads us off from the scene. reporter: the chopper skimming the water. boats hunting a silent predator blamed for two horrific maulings in waist-deep water. the first attack happened around 4:00 p.m. sunday right off a
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pier on oak island beach. >> there's a girl here whose hand's been bitten off by a shark. >> reporter: that 12-year-old girl bitten in her arm and hip, bystanders dragging her to the sand helpless furiously trying to save her life. onlookers, like this woman, horrified. then, just 90 minutes later, another attack just two miles up the beach and another frantic call. >> 911, what's the address of your emergency? >> oh, my gosh. 911. >> hello. >> someone's been attacked by a shark. >> reporter: this time, a 16-year-old male victim, also air-lifted to a nearby hospital. he lost his arm. both are in stable condition tonight, but the horror of the twin attacks even stunning authorities here. have you ever encountered an incident where you've had two shark attacks of that kind of severity in the same day? >> i have not encountered in my 16 years one shark attack. >> reporter: despite the attacks the beaches remain open for business. we went up for our own bird's-eye view seeing families
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in the water and the spot where a beachgoer captured this picture of two fins in the shallows. the sheriff's office says there was a sighting that may have been a shark. it may have been something else. right after we headed out on the water with sheriff john ingram. >> we spotted a couple of sharks close to the surf that were about seven foot long. >> reporter: about the approximate size that people think may have attacked the kids yesterday? >> well, it's certainly similar to the size. >> reporter: david, now the sheriff says that the sharks they saw this morning and the sharks they saw after the attack yesterday were probably seven-foot-long bull sharks. now, he says, the men up this those helicopters and in the boats are authorized to shoot them if they see them. david? >> all right, matt gutman in north carolina. matt, thank you. now to a developing headline from l.a.x. airport in los angeles. a flight from fiji landing in l.a. reports of at least 12 passengers sick. the cdc waiting when they touched down. abc's david kerley covers aviation for us.
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>> reporter: when the fiji jetliner touched down at l.a.x., a dozen americans reported being ill. the centers for disease control on the scene containing all 272 people on board. fire trucks and medics quickly surrounding the a-330 jetliner. of the 12 who reported symptoms of nausea and vomiting, a 19-year-old male requested to go to the hospital taken by wheelchair to one of those waiting ambulances. the overnight flight from fiji landed just a few minutes after its scheduled arrival. all of the passengers, including those reporting symptoms, were taken to a secure area as cdc personnel looked for the cause of the illnesses. the investigators have already learned that all 12 americans, while not traveling together, were staying at the same hotel. all those on board have now been released by the cdc, david. >> david kerley live in washington. david, thanks. now to the storms hitting tonight. millions of americans from texas up to chicago across to new york bracing for dangerous weather. flash flood watches in 15 states now, and all eyes on the gulf of
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mexico too. what could become a tropical storm barreling toward the coast. these images out of norman, oklahoma, drenching rains, rescues under way, a dangerous commute home in ann arbor, michigan, and in san antonio, this is interstate 35, cars navigating the floodwaters, and here's the radar at this hour. storms from the south all the way up to the northeast. let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee in a moment. but first abc's kendis gibson in galveston where they are bracing for a rough night. >> reporter: david, good evening. take a look, the waves are really starting to whip up here in galveston. emergency managers are really looking at this storm very carefully. their biggest concern flash flooding. you recall texas coming off the wettest month ever in may. storms last month dumping 35 trillion gallons in water on the state leaving behind a $45 million path of destruction. tonight officials in galveston sending out alerts to drivers, look out for flooded roads.
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they expect anywhere from 5 inches to a foot of rain in the coming hours. david. >> the churning waters already, kendis, thanks. let's get right to ginger who has the late storm track. >> there are flash flood warnings right now from downtown chicago back to parts of oklahoma, and this is the setup, david. a big high pressure system in the southeast, stifling heat under there but you can see where the moisture is pulling up into louisiana and texas already. what will likely become tropical storm bill will take these paths, this is kind of the computer model showing you where it would go. flash flood watches for much of eastern texas, parts of arkansas and oklahoma, and you can see why. can you see a half foot or more in the coming days in eastern texas. so that's why we're concerned for now. but tonight, it's more of a frontal boundary that's headed anywhere from iowa to western new york. that's where we see flash flood watches. the worst of it will be over tomorrow for the most part. >> a messy night ahead, ginger, thank you. major new developments in that manhunt, the two convicted killers on the run after that daring prison break. the search now entering its tenth day, but after that town in upstate new york was sealed off for a time last week, now officials revealing the convicts
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could be as far away as mexico. and tonight that prison employee accused of helping them escape seen here in prison stripes, shackles, a bulletproof vest as she makes her way into court. authorities now revealing what they say was her original plan. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, joyce tillie mitchell is seeing the jailhouse bars from the other side wearing that black and white jail outfit as she faces a judge, a far cry from the prison tailor shop where she met convicted murderers david sweat and richard matt, who the prosecutor says convinced her to help them break free. >> matt was giving her that friendship, i guess, that she basically groomed her to the point of assisting them in escaping. >> reporter: now prosecutors say sweat and matt planned the escape for five months. mitchell allegedly smuggling in speed bag boxing gloves, lighted eyeglasses and the blades and tools used to bust out. then she was to be the driver of the getaway car. there's the prison right there and right over here, that is the manhole where those two men emerged from.
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then prosecutors say the men were supposed to walk just 2 1/2 blocks. that's where mitchell was going to pick them up, right here at this power plant. according to prosecutors, the plan was to drive seven hours to remote woods, only accessible by atvs, but mitchell never showed. instead, checking herself into a hospital complaining of a panic attack. but tonight the key question, where are sweat and matt right now? up until friday, investigators were still searching the prison, which means there's been no confirmed sighting since that escape ten days ago. >> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico by now. >> reporter: and here tonight at the county jail, joyce mitchell is behind bars. she just met with her defense attorney moments ago, and, david, he tells us she is distraught. >> gio benitez with us tonight. gio, thank you. and now to the race for 2016, the big new contender tonight, jeb bush, making it official now saying he will run to win, now the 11th republican to get into the race. our abc news/"washington post"
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poll revealing in a head-to-head race with hillary clinton, it would be very close. clinton ahead by just three points. and tonight many pointing to this image, jeb's new campaign logo and the name that's not on it. abc's tom llamas covering every step of the bush campaign for us tonight from miami. >> i will run with -- >> reporter: in english. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: and espanol, governor jeb bush now officially in the race. >> and i will run to win. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: his mother barbara watching in the front row but no bush 41 today and no bush 43. no accident, the new candidate's message, he's his own man. >> not one of us deserves the job by right of resume, party, seniority, family or family narrative. it's nobody's turn. it's everybody's test. >> reporter: you won't even find the bush name on his campaign logo. just jeb. who is he? a doer, not a talker, he says. the former florida governor taking a subtle jab at the many u.s. senators he's now competing
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against. >> there's no passing off responsibility when you're a governor, no blending into the legislative crowd. >> reporter: and his concrete promise, 19 million new jobs and a commitment to the middle class. you think america is ready for a third bush? >> i think america is ready for a good candidate, and i think america is ready for a good president. >> and tom llamas with us live now from miami, and, tom, we heard governor bush take direct aim at hillary clinton today. >> reporter: that's right. david, he says as secretary of state hillary clinton was part of a phone-it-in foreign policy and she's left a legacy of crisis all over the world. david. >> tom llamas in florida. meantime, candidate hillary clinton in new hampshire asked if she had any advice for jeb bush who has said his last name doesn't matter. clinton calling that a tempting question but saying she wouldn't answer. this weekend in her campaign kickoff in new york, she did address age and breaking a barrier. >> well, i may not be the youngest candidate in this race,
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but i will be the youngest woman president in the history of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> she went on to add that she'd be the first grandmother president as well, and later this week i'll be out on the campaign trail with jeb bush live from iowa wednesday night. we'll be covering this race every step of the way. in the meantime, overseas tonight, the pentagon trying to confirm if it's taken out an al qaeda leader in libya, mokhtar belmokhtar, possibly killed in u.s.-led air strikes. he's blamed for killing 38 hostages including 3 americans during an attack on a refinery in algeria. to iraq tonight on the heels of that headline, president obama authorizing the deployment of 450 more u.s. troops to help take back ramadi. we remember those images. iraqi troops fleeing as isis fighters seized the city. tonight, abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran in iraq with two different groups of fighters asking them, do they want those american troops to come? >> reporter: on the road to the front lines, an iraqi army
5:42 pm
helicopter buzzes our convoy, but we are on our way to meet a very different kind of army, the religious militias fighting isis. they are shia militias backed by iran, and as we approach this vehicle, we spy a picture of iran's supreme leader right there in the windshield. how hard is this fight? how hard is it to fight against isis? [ speaking a foreign language ] "we will be victorious over the cowardly traitors," he says, "with god's will." you see their enthusiasm. you see their dedication to the fight, and they want no more american soldiers, a lot more american equipment, ammunition and support. but to hear them speak, america is not their friend. if obama sends more american soldiers here, will you fight the americans too? [ speaking a foreign language ] "we will fight isis, and we will fight the americans," this man shouts. as the sun sets, we prepare to meet the official iraqi army the next morning, but as we get close to the front lines --
5:43 pm
>> halt. >> move. push on, push on, a couple of shots over our car. >> [ bleep ]. sniper over there. he's coming from left. >> reporter: we hustle inside upstairs ducking low. isis fighters just across these fields. how often are you attacked in this position by the isis fighters? [ speaking a foreign language ] "every day," he tells me. when we sat down with iraqi soldiers at a nearby base, we didn't hear the fierce fervor of those militia fighters. you won't fight isis, but if you hear an american airplane, you will hide. [ speaking a foreign language ] "the pilot will hit me, not isis," he says. they mount up in their humvees made in america. >> thank you. >> reporter: terry moran, abc news, baghdad. >> terry, thank you. back here at home tonight and to the sex abuse scandal in the catholic church, the archbishop of st. paul, minnesota, stepping down tonight. pope francis today accepting the resignation of archbishop john
5:44 pm
nienstedt. prosecutors saying he failed to protect children from a pedophile priest. pope francis promising to go after church officials who helped cover up sex abuse allegations. we turn to the west tonight, outrage growing this evening after this controversial video out of san diego. take a look. a sheriff's deputy accused of using a taser on a 13-year-old boy. tonight what both sides are now saying about what really happened and why, and here's abc's linsey davis. >> police brutality right here. reporter: tonight, as that video of a 13-year-old runaway tased by a san diego county sheriff's deputy is causing outrage, the sheriff is defending his deputy. >> in actuality what we have is really an out-of-control juvenile. >> reporter: the sheriff says when the deputy approached a group of young people skateboarding behind a shopping center, he recognized one of them as a runaway, and the deputy says when he tried to get the boy to voluntarily return home, a scuffle ensued, and, he says, the boy resisted. >> he bites the deputy's forearm, and that's not the actions of somebody that's complying with the deputy.
5:45 pm
>> he's tasing him. what the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the deputy tases the teen. in this picture, the deputy reveals those bite marks. the person who shot the video seen here skateboarding says it was excessive force, especially for a 13-year-old. the sheriff says based on the initial report, it was an appropriate use of force, but an investigation is under way tonight, and, david, that deputy remains on duty. >> all right. linsey davis tonight. linsey, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the naacp leader under fire this evening resigning her post after allegedly claiming she was black. tonight right here, her own siblings now speaking out saying she's white, and you will hear from them coming up after the break. also the new medical headline coming in this evening about chocolate and your health and can it really be true, does it cut your risk of heart disease? it got our attention. and dinosaurs taking over the earth and the american box office this weekend smashing records, and tonight right here some of the secrets, how they
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next tonight here, new fallout this evening after the president of the naacp chapter in spokane, washington, resigned today after questions about her race. accused of claiming she was african-american, abc's steve osunsami tonight on her own family now speaking out. reporter: without ever addressing the charges that she's been lying about who she really is, spokane naacp president rachel dolezal is leaving her position tonight writing in a facebook post that "in the eye of this current storm, i can see that a separation is in the best interest of the naacp." >> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. >> reporter: she set the internet on fire and shocked many black americans when she was caught on camera failing to answer whether she's truly black, but her estranged parents say it's clear she's white. >> she was obviously misrepresenting herself. >> reporter: tonight, her former supporters are still demanding an explanation.
5:49 pm
>> this isn't about race. this is about integrity. >> if she needs to see a professional, she should. >> reporter: by 2007, she was no longer the young white girl in these photos. >> i do consider myself to be black. >> reporter: two of her adopted brothers, who are african-american, are telling us they're disappointed. >> what we all want is answers. >> she would have done so much better if she would have stayed honest and stayed who she was. >> reporter: for many in the naacp, this is an embarrassing moment, a feeling that they're being laughed at. david. >> steve, thank you. when we come back here on a monday night, the autopsy results this evening, the theme park death under investigation. the young girl found unconscious after a roller-coaster ride. and that medical headline, does the amount of chocolate you eat really affect your chance of stroke and heart disease? the new study late today. a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries.
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5:53 pm
the revolution roller coaster on friday. the medical examiner now trying to determine if her death is related to the ride. the roller coaster is now closed and no cause of death yet. we're going to turn now to the new medical headline tonight involving chocolate. a new study out of england finds that a link between eating 100 grams of chocolate a day and a 23% decreased risk of stroke, a 14% decrease in cardiovascular disease. some researchers, though, still cautioning tonight that chocolate can't take all the credit for those health benefits but some still loving to hear that. and move over, lebron james. take a look at this. in australia this trick shot team setting the guinness world book of records for the highest basketball shot, watch this, unbelievable, right through the hoop, tossing the ball off a dam 415 high. straight through the hoop. unbelievable. that's what i would be doing afterwards. when we come back here tonight, the dinosaurs stomping the box office, and this evening if you or your kids saw this at least one of the secrets revealed, how they pulled some of these scenes off. don't go away.
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finally tonight, they're back, the first movie to earn more than a half billion dollars in its opening weekend, and abc's rebecca jarvis shows us the technology that helped bring those dinosaurs roaring back to life. reporter: "jurassic world" roared into theaters biting off that number, $500 million. >> that was awesome. >> reporter: so what sent audiences all over the world running to ticket counters this weekend? nearly half of us watched in 3d bumping up those ticket prices. plus, the power of the sequel, more than 20 years of hype helping to make this a summer blockbuster. in fact, nearly all of the top
5:58 pm
grossing opening weekend movies have been sequels. the latest "avengers," "iron man 3" and the final "harry potter." >> action! oh. >> reporter: also helping, likeable chris pratt as leading man. >> this is so fun. you know how fun this is? this is so fun. >> reporter: they used robots controlled just off camera. so could this lead to yet another sequel? when asked, chris pratt joked, "they have me for i think 38 movies or something." rebecca jarvis, abc news, minneapolis. >> thank you for watching here on a monday night. i'm david muir, and i hope to see you right back here >> the city is prepared to celebrate the warriors >>. one game away for game six.
5:59 pm
>> the fbi gets involved and asks for your help. >> they cannot understand why they're doing this to our school. >> shock and outrage a south bay school gets kicked out every teacher, telling them to reapply for their jobs. >> hundreds of people in line in a theater, but not for a movie the show they've been waiting to see. >> and is happening now ins los altos crews are getting control of a brush fire. >> you can see from sky 7 hd firefighters appear to have the flames contained
6:00 pm
>> two rains of the freeway are shut down in this area. good evening. tonight just a win away. >> search for the first nba title in 40 years, it's back to cleveland for the golden state warriors. >> officials are preparing for what could be a long tuesday night. >> yes. a sold out oracle arena will watch as steph curry and warriors go for a nba title. we'll see what happens. in oakland we have preparations for a parade no one is ready to talk about yet. first, abc7 news is live with the buzz. >> we're talking about preparations for a big party. the atmosphere is expected to be electric, and fans rooting on warriors for a championship win.


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